PivotPro™ Watering Wand


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PivotPro™ Watering Wand


The HYDE® PivotPro™ connects directly to your hose to provide a quick and easy lawn & garden product applicator. With a pivoting nozzle, adjustable spray settings and 16 oz. container for your favorite products, the PivotPro is a great tool for watering hanging baskets and hard-to-reach plants in your garden beds or patio.


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  • icon General Information

    The HYDE® PivotPro™ can be used to apply your favorite products, wash off garden tools or water your hanging baskets and hard to reach plants. To apply products, simply fill the container with a concentrated liquid product, select the dilution ratio and apply! Slide the handle as you go to adjust the spray angle.

    The container can be removed for thorough cleaning between applications so you can use the same container for nutrients, pest control, watering and cleaning solutions. 

    Three (3) extra washers for the hose connector are included in case of loss. The extra washers are located on the post above the ON/OFF Switch. Red washers are made of softer material for hose ends that may have nicks or damage. Black washers are harder material and more durable for hose ends with sharp edges that could cut the washers. If you PivotPro leaks at the hose connectors, please check your hose for missing washer or to ensure the correct washer is installed.

  • icon Operating Instructions

    General Operation:

    1. Connect the PivtoPro™ to a standard garden hose with your water turned off and the PivotPro in the “off” position. Be sure a rubber washer is properly seated in the hose connector to avoid leaking (extra washers are provided in case of loss – see general information for more details on the washers). Turn the PivotPro connector to the right and tighten completely.
    2. Turn water on
    3. Push the PivotPro ON/OFF lever to “on” to activate the water stream. Pull back to turn off.
    4. Slide the PivotPro handle to direct the water stream up or down.
    5. Adjust the spray pattern by turning the nozzle to one of the three settings marked on the side: jet, shower or flat.

    Using Additive Solutions:

    Use liquid additives only. PivotPro will not work with powders or granular materials.

    1. Remove additive reservoir by twisting it clockwise.
    2. Fill reservoir with liquid additive to the volume needed for your desired application.
    3. Turn the reservoir counter-clockwise to hand tighten. Do not force.
    4. Find the liquid additive-to-water ratio recommended by the manufacturer (volume per gallon of water). Control the liquid additive-to-water ratio adjustment on the PivotPro by moving the dial from the “OFF” position to the appropriate ratio per the manufacture recommendations. The number on the dial indicates the amount of additive dispensed per gallon of water.
    5. After application pour back any unused product back into its original container and thoroughly clean the reservoir bottle. Flush the system and reservoir bottle with clean water for one minute to avoid mixing chemicals and spraying the wrong chemicals on areas where the should not be used.