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Professional Hose-end Applicator

The Pro-Ap® is a professional grade hose-end applicator with an adjustable proportioner for accurate application of liquid turf and landscape products.


  • Shower Type Nozzle: Proven design provides gentle spray while ensuring uniform coverage. Includes brass screen which can be removed for cleaning.
  • Lightweight Durable Nylon Construction: Weighs only 3 pounds. Chemical resistant. UV protected.
  • High Density Poly Bottle: 32 fl. oz. size. Easy-to-read calibrations in both fluid ounces and milliliters.
  • Needle Valve Metering Chamber: Engineered venturi siphons and mixes proper amount of liquid active ingredient into water flow.
  • Pistol Grip Design: Textured handle provides sure grip surface. Reduces operator fatigue.
  • Adjustable Metering Dial: 10 additive settings including “water only.” The knob can be removed to prevent tampering with a predetermined setting.
  • Comes With 3/4″ Hose Assembly

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  • icon General Information

    The Pro-Ap® is the only hose-end liquid siphoning applicator specially designed for golf, sports turf and professional landscape applications. This unique applicator uses a shower type nozzle that provides a gentle spray while ensuring uniform coverage. The Pro-Ap is the only adjustable applicator that can apply small quantities of product at high water pressure and flow rates with a metering dial that offers 10 additive settings, including water only.

    The Pro-Ap Applicator operates on water pressure. Water flowing over a small orifice creates a suction that lifts and mixes the active ingredient additive into the spray stream. The applicator design allows for small quantities of liquid product to be applied with large volumes of water.

    Fill the Pro-Ap bottle with the desired volume of liquid solution that is to be applied to an individual turf area (32 fluid ounces maximum). Secure the bottle into the siphon-metering cap inside the applicator.

    The Pro-Ap adjustable metering dial offers 10 additive settings, including water only. Refer to the Pro-Ap operating instructions for more details regarding use of this hose-end, liquid siphoning applicator.

    Remove the Pro-Ap bottle and secure its contents with the bottle cap after use. Always operate, transport, and store the Pro-Ap in the upright position when bottles are attached.

    ® Pro-Ap is a registered trademark of KALO, Inc.

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  • icon Maintenance

    After each use, the Pro-Ap must be cleaned to ensure trouble-free operation.

    Return unused product to it’s original container. Rinse Pro-Ap bottle, refill with clean water and spray for several minutes to rinse out metering chamber body. It is important that sufficient water be sprayed through the Pro-Ap to thoroughly clean metering valve. Failure to properly clean the applicator after use may cause damage beyond repair.

  • icon Operating Instructions

    Follow these steps to operate the Pro-Ap:
    1. Before attaching Pro-Ap to hose assembly, flush quick-coupler and hose to clear debris.
    2. Attach Pro-Ap to 3/4” hose.
    3. Remove bottle and fill with desired amount of liquid solution before selecting a siphon setting. Turn metering dial as far clockwise as possible to the “OFF” position.
    4. Attach bottle to the Pro-Ap. During operation and transport, always keep the Pro-Ap in an upright position.
    5. Slowly access water by turning quick-coupler key. It is not necessary to access the quick-coupler or other water source to the full operating position. The Pro-Ap will siphon at a range of water pressure and flow rates.
    6. When ready to spray, turn metering dial to proper setting (1 through 9). The higher setting will increase siphon rate. See page 7 of this manual to determine proper metering dial settings.
    7. Spray uniformly at a predetermined pace. Typically covering 1,000 square feet of area in less than one minute.
    8. When finished, turn metering dial to “OFF.”
    9. Continue spraying with metering dial to “OFF” position to water-in product where
    10. Note: If using a water flow shut-off valve with the Pro-Ap, DO NOT shut off
    water flow downstream of quick-coupler system while removing quickcoupler key. This causes back pressure to the quick-coupler key and can be
    11. Clean the Pro-Ap unit. Follow Maintenance Instructions

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