Terms and Conditions


By participating in the Ecologel Solutions, LLC (Ecologel) Brand Ambassador Program, you – applicant (the “Brand Ambassador”) are agreeing to all the following Terms and Conditions.

  1.  Ecologel reserves the right to decline applications for any reason (i.e. if the applicant is determined not a good fit, there is no more space in the program, etc.) Submitting this application form will provide direct access into the program portal; however, that does not mean that you have been accepted as an Ecologel ambassador. Ecologel’s team carefully reviews each of the application forms before accepting a new ambassador. Once a Brand Ambassador is chosen, the Brand Ambassador will receive a confirmation email.
  2. A Brand Ambassador must be of the age of majority within their state of residence to participate without parental consent.
  3. Ambassadors must show activity on an annual basis to continue participation in this program. 
  4. When posting about Ecologel products, Ambassador authorizes Ecologel to share the content on its website, blog, social media accounts, and print, digital, or other marketing.
  5. By submitting this Agreement, Brand Ambassador allows Ecologel the rights to use the assets, including images, shared within the Ecologel Brand Ambassador Program.
  6. Upon request of the Ecologel team, Ambassador agrees to provide higher resolution, original images if available.
  7. The Brand Ambassador must use the correct tag or hashtag when posting about the Ecologel or the Ecologel family of products. 
  8. Ambassadors who redeem more than $600 dollars in rewards in a single calendar year will be issued a 1099 form.
  9. An Ambassador cannot be an employee or legal representative of Ecologel Solutions, LLC. 
  10. Ecologel is not responsible for any false claims, product misrepresentations, or liabilities incurred or made by the Brand Ambassador.
  11. The Brand Ambassador Program is not intended to pay sponsorships or commissions. 
  12. Brand Ambassador must be in compliance with all the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.


Ecologel’s Expectations of Brand Ambassadors:

  1. Be a user of one or more Ecologel products 
  2. To share their experience and knowledge of Ecologel products with their audience and Ecologel.
  3. Gain knowledge about the products and dispel any misinformation brought to their attention.
  4. Upload their activity/content in the user portal to earn points.
  5. Tag Ecologel or Hydretain on social media if applicable.
  6. A socially active Brand Ambassador should follow one or more of Ecologel’s social media accounts. 
  7. Post, share or upload content annually to maintain Brand Ambassador status.
  8. Brand Ambassador must not represent themself as an employee of Ecologel and is not authorized to make separate claims or commit Ecologel to any obligation. 
  9. Brand Ambassador may not do anything that may cause harm to Ecologel’s image and reputation.
  10. Brand Ambassador may not share any coupon code, vouchers code, gift card, etc gained as a reward intended only for Brand Ambassador use. 
  11. Brand Ambassador will not knowingly or willingly participate in any promotion, advertising, marketing, or sale of any imitation of Ecologel’s Hydretain technology. 
  12. Posts in association with Ecologel products may not include illegal or offensive content.


The Brand Ambassadors Expectations of Ecologel:

  1.  Brand Ambassadors earn points that can be exchanged for rewards in the form of free products, discount codes, merchandise, etc.  
  2. Support and participation from the Ecologel team, including webinar training, Q & A sessions, email and phone support as well as guest appearances on podcasts, videos, etc.
  3. Access to marketing materials, including literature, research reports, videos, and content ideas. 


  1. This agreement will begin upon our acceptance of your Brand Ambassador application and will end when terminated by either party.
  2. Ecologel may discontinue the Brand Ambassador Program at any time.
  3. Termination may happen at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party written notice of termination.
  4. Ecologel reserves the right to terminate the Brand Ambassador’s position in the program due to inactivity, inappropriate behavior or misrepresentation of the brand(s).
  5. Ecologel reserves the ongoing right to use any content that was shared by the Brand Ambassador during their period of participation in the program in perpetuity post termination in the program.