Soil Moisture Management

Hydretain® ES Plus II

Root Zone Moisture Management with Humate

Hydretain is the only water management technology that converts soil moisture vapor into plant usable water droplets. By making use of moisture that would otherwise be lost to evaporation, Hydretain reduces watering requirements by up to 50% or more.

Hydretain ES Plus II combines the Hydretain technology with an advanced non-ionic surfactant for improved soil penetration and potassium humate as a carbon source for enhanced performance.

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  • Guaranteed Analysis

    Active Ingredients:


    (sugar alcohols, polysaccharides and neutral
    salts of alpha-hydroxypropionic acid)

    Non-ionic surfactant
    Humic Acid derived from Leonardite Ore
    Inert Ingredients
  • Benefits

    • Maximizes watering efficiency
    • Reduces watering requirements
    • Minimizes localized dry spots
    • Delays wilt and extends flower life
    • Increases seed germination
    • Improves plant establishment
    • Maximizes crop yields
    • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Labels & SDS

  • Sizes & Item Numbers

    32 oz Quart – # 080-4315
    1 Gallon Jug – # 080-4325
    2.5 Gallon Jug – # 080-4335
    30 Gallon Drum – # 080-4350
    55 Gallon Drum – # 080-4360
    275 Gallon Tote – # 080-4370

Where to use

  • icon Long Description

    Hydretain ES Plus is a revolutionary soil moisture management product that combines the
    proprietary Hydretain technology with an advanced, naturally derived soil surfactant for
    improved penetration and soil distribution.

    Hydretain is a unique formulation of hygroscopic and humectant compounds, making it the only water management technology that actually captures moisture in the soil, which would otherwise be lost to evaporation. Captured vapor molecules accumulate to form usable water droplets that are passed to the roots of plants, minimizing drought stress, extending the time between required watering and reducing overall water usage by up to 50% or more. In addition to reducing irrigation demands, Hydretain ES Plus is also an excellent adjuvant that helps improve the uptake and performance of many other products, including plant nutrients.

    Each application lasts for up to 3 months.

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  • icon Problems Addressed

    • Drought stress and wilt
    • Localized dry spots
    • Watering restrictions
    • High water costs
    • Poor plant establishment due to insufficient watering
    • Winter desiccation
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  • icon Application Instructions

    Hydretain ES Plus II may be applied through fertigation, soil drench or conventional spray. It may be applied alone or tank mixed with other products.✝

    Dilution: Hydretain ES Plus II is a concentrated formula designed for large scale applications. Dilute with water before applying. Minimum dilution rate 15:1 (water to Hydretain). Hydretain ES Plus may be tank mixed or applied through injectors and fertigation systems.

    Apply 9 oz. of Hydretain ES Plus II per 1,000 sq. ft. (3 gallons per acre) by spray or drench. Water in with at least 1/10 inch of water within the first couple of hours to insure Hydretain is washed off foliage and into the soil. Within 24 hours, follow with enough additional water to carry Hydretain down to and throughout the root zone. (The amount of additional water required to carry Hydretain throughout the root zone is dependent on the depth of the root zone of the treated area.) Reapply once every 3 months or maintain monthly at 1/3 rate after initial full rate application.

    Overseeding, Sodding, Sprigging:
    Apply 9 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. by spray or drench after seeding, sodding or sprigging. Water in with only enough water to rinse Hydretain off foliage and into the soil at seed level or the root area of new sod or sprig. An application of Hydretain ES Plus II made prior to overseeding, sodding or sprigging and watered into the root zone will manage soil moisture for existing turf during new turf establishment.

    Trees, Shrubs & Individual Plants:
    Dilute Hydretain ES Plus II at a rate of 2 oz. per gallon of water and apply by drench thoroughly saturating the root zone. For maximum effectiveness on trees apply 4 to 8 ounces of concentrate for each inch of trunk diameter. Dilution rate is variable from 50:1 to 300:1.

    Potted or Containerized Plants:
    Dilute Hydretain ES Plus II at a rate of 2 oz. per gallon of water and apply by drench, thoroughly saturating the planting media. Media should be dry enough to hold as much diluted Hydretain as possible. Hydretain ES Plus II may be applied through existing injectors at rates between 50:1 and 100:1. Higher dilution rates may require multiple applications to achieve desired results.

    Large Planters & Gardens:
    Dilute Hydretain ES Plus II at a rate of 2 oz. per gallon of water or through injectors at a rate of 50:1 to 100:1 and apply at a rate of 2 ounces of concentrate per 60 sq. ft of area. One gallon treats 4,000 square feet. For Best Results: Water thoroughly when re-watering Hydretain treated plants.

    For Best Results: Apply to damp soil. Additional Hydretain ES Plus II may be required to correct difficult and extreme dry spot areas. Hydretain may be applied at up to 5 times the general application rate as a single treatment or in multiple applications. Hydretain ES Plus II is biodegradable. For maximum effectiveness reapply every three months or when required watering becomes more frequent. Reapply if a reduction in watering is not apparent within the first two weeks.

    Wetting Agents & Penetrants: Hydretain ES Plus II contains an excellent soil surfactant designed specifically to allow water and applied Hydretain to penetrate through thatch layers and hydrophobic soils down to and throughout the root zone.

    ✝ Compatibility: perform a standard jar test to check compatibility with other products before mixing.