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Boron Plus™

5% Boron

Boron Plus offers an easy-to-use liquid solution for boron deficient turfgrasses, palms and ornamentals.

  • Guaranteed Analysis

    Boron (B)
  • Benefits

    • Restored vigor in boron deficient situations identified by tissue analysis
    • Rapid response from foliar uptake
    • Easy-to-use source of Boron for ornamentals and palms
  • Sizes & Item Numbers

    32 oz Quart – # 5200

Where to use

  • icon Long Description

    Boron Plus is a formulation derived from a proprietary extraction process designed to correct boron deficiencies identified by tissue analysis. Boron influences calcium utilization, cell membrane integrity, and nucleic acid synthesis. It is particularly important in the development and function of meristems. Boron deficiencies most often occur in soils that are alkaline, highly leached, contain low organic matter or those that are commonly dry. Deficiency symptoms, which usually appear in new growth first, include stunted and somewhat distorted leaves resulting in a rosette appearance, and interveinal chlorotic streaks.

  • icon Problems Addressed

    • Boron deficiency in highly leached soils
    • Stunted and distorted growth caused by boron deficiencies
    • Chlorotic landscape ornamentals
  • icon Literature

  • icon Application Instructions

    Boron Plus can be applied through foliar spray or soil drench. It may be applied alone or tank mixed with other products. It should be used “as needed” basis to correct boron deficiencies.

    TURF: Foliar Spray: Apply 0.5 to 1 oz. of Boron Plus diluted in a minimum of 1 gallon of water per 1,000 sq. ft. (22 to 44 oz. of Boron Plus in 40 gallons of water per acre).


    Foliar Spray: Mix 0.5 to 1 oz. of Boron Plus per 1 gallon of water and spray foliage to the point of runoff.

    Soil Drench: Mix 1.6 oz. of Boron Plus per 100 gallons of water and apply around the base of the plant within the dripline to thoroughly saturate the root zone of the affected plants.

    PALMS: Soil Drench: Mix 8 to 16 oz. of Boron Plus in 5 gallons of water and drench into the soil under the canopy of a single palm. Do not repeat this application for at least five months as it will take that long to see results from the previous applications.

    COMPATIBILITY: Perform a standard “jar test” to check compatibility with other products before mixing.

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