Sustainability without Sacrifice

With the right tools and products, sustainability can be beautiful and conservation can be productive.

Our Mission

Ecologel Solutions is dedicated to provide the industry with innovative technologies that help maintain exceptional quality turf, landscapes and agriculture while promoting the responsible management of natural resources.

The Start of Our Ecologel Solutions Story

Founded in 1991, Ecologel® brought a new class of chemistry to the Turf and Ornamental Industry: food-grade hygroscopic humectants. These ingredients – commonly used to retain moisture in foods, toothpaste, gum and cosmetic products – provide a unique solution to maintain healthy plants with less water. By capturing and converting soil humidity to create plant usable water droplets, Hydretain® – Ecologel’s flagship technology, provides plant roots with moisture for prolonged periods between rainfall or irrigation.

First test of Hydretain on turfgrass

Growing Our Success

Building on the success of Hydretain, Ecologel continued to expand its offering of environmentally responsible  technologies through development and acquisition. 

In 2008, Ecologel partnered with Agronomist Jim Spindler to form BioPro Technologies, LLC.  Through this partnership, Ecologel acquired the rights to the BioPro® line of advanced NPK blends, micronutrient packages, soil conditioners and soil remediation solutions, as well as CytoGro® root hormone biostimulant and Aqua-T™ pond and lake clarifier. 

Arborjet Partnership

In 2018, Ecologel partnered with Arborjet®, Inc. to expand its distribution network and broaden expert resources to enhance customer support. Arborjet technology was developed in 2000 by arborists, for arborists, in order to effectively manage and control exotic and native insects and diseases threatening our natural and urban forests. Today, Arborjet is the leading developer of tree care solutions.

Together, both companies are backed by years of research and provide the most effective and environmentally responsible treatment options available. As premier solutions providers, they are committed to advancing the industries served through thought leadership, education and training, product and technology development, scientific research, and exceptional customer service.

Celebrating 30 Years of Conservation

In 1991, Ecologel’s flagship technology, Hydretain, began paving a new path for water conservation in turf and ornamental plant management. The first US-based University research on Hydretain from UF/IFAS proved Hydretain ability to reduce watering requirements and delay wilt by as much as 54%. 

Since then, Hydretain has been used to reduce watering requirements for golf courses, sports fields, greenhouse growers and nurseries, residential and commercial landscape management, interior plants and food producing agriculture worldwide. 

Ecologel Today

Through product development, acquisitions and partnerships, Ecologel has grown its product offering and geographic reach.  Ecologel product lines help save time, money and resources by conserving water, providing quality nutrition, building healthy soil systems, increasing root mass, naturally clarifying ponds and lakes, reducing dust emission and more.

Today, Ecologel Solutions, LLC is headquartered in Ocala, Florida, and all Ecologel products are manufactured in the United States. 

With an office in Columbia, South America and distribution partners across the globe, Ecologel provides water conservation and plant science solutions for multiple industries including: 

  • Golf & Sports Turf
  • Property Management
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Arboriculture
  • Aquatic Management
  • Equine and Dirt Racing
  • Mining & Construction
  • …and more!