BioPro Soil Enhancement

Bio MP™ (5-3-2)

Bio MP is a unique soil additive that combines molasses with NPK and micronutrients to provide benefits to both soils and plants. Molasses stimulates soil biological activity by providing a high carbohydrate food source for soil microbes, while the macro and micro nutrients improve overall plant vigor and color.

  • Guaranteed Analysis

    Total Nitrogen (N)
    4.10% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
    0.90% Nitrate Nitrogen
    Available Phosphate (P2O5)
    Soluble Potash (K2O)
    Iron (Fe)
    0.15% Water Soluble Iron (Fe)
    Manganese (Mn)
    0.15% Water Soluble Manganese (Mn)
    Zinc (Zn)
    0.15% Water Soluble Zinc (Zn)

    NonPlant Food Ingredients:

    Soluble Carbohydrates (Molasses)
    Citric Acid
  • Benefits

    • Carbon source
    • Promotes soil microbial activity
    • Increases tolerance of multiple stresses
    • Improves overall plant vigor
    • Source of micronutrients
    • Improves color
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  • Sizes & Item Numbers

    1 Gallon Jug – #57621
    2.5 Gallon Jug – #57622
    30 Gallon Drum – #57623
    275 Gallon Tote – #57625

Where to use

  • icon Long Description

    Bio MP is a high carbohydrate, molasses-based soil conditioner designed to stimulate biological activity by providing an immediately available energy source. It is an excellent source of bioavailable carbon and is particularly well suited for soils with organic layers, organic matter accumulated on the surface, or soils with anaerobic conditions caused by compaction. 

    Bio MP also provides a source of macro and color enhancing micronutrients to improve overall plant vigor and appearance. It can be used to improve soil and plant quality for all types of turfgrasses, landscape plants, greenhouse / nursery operations, and agricultural crops.

  • icon Problems Addressed

    Low levels of soil microbial activity

    • Thatch build-up on the surface or as a sub-surface layer

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  • icon Application Instructions

    Bio MP can be applied through fertigation, conventional spray, or root injection. It may be applied alone or tank mixed with other products✝. Shake well before using.

    Conventional Spray:
    Apply 6 to 15 oz. diluted in 2 to 2.5 gallons of water per 1,000 sq. ft. (2 to 5 gallons diluted in 80 to 100 gallons of water per acre) per month. To maximize performance, rates may be split into weekly or bi-weekly applications.

    Soil Drench:
    Mix 1 – 2 fl. oz. of Bio MP per gallon of water. Drench to thoroughly saturate the root zone. Repeat application monthly or as needed.

    Root Injection:
    Dilution Rate: Mix 32 fl. oz. of Bio MP per 100-gallon tank. Apply as needed.

    Operating pressure: 150 – 200 lbs PSI or ½ gal per 4 seconds

    Area Method: Trees: Apply 50 gallons of solution per 1,000 sq. ft. Inject 4-8 inches into the soil where the feeder roots typically occur. Begin injections 1-3 feet out from the trunk to avoid injury to large roots and work in a grid pattern away from the tree to within 2 feet of the drip line. Apply 1 pint (16 fl. oz.) of diluted solution per injection site at 18 inch spacing or ½ gallon (64 fl. oz.) of diluted solution per injection site at 3 foot spacing.

    Shrubs: Apply 50 gallons of solution per 1,000 sq. ft. Inject one pint (16 fl. oz.) of diluted solution per injection site. Inject 4-6 inches into the soil with 18 inch spacing between injections.

    DBH Method: Use the chart below to determine the volume of diluted solution to apply per inch of trunk diameter at breast height (DBH).

    Tree Size (DBH Inch) Diluted Solution / Inch DBH
    Very Small (1-4”) 0.5 gallon (64 fl. oz)
    Sm (5-7”) 1 gallon
    Sm – Med (8-11”) 1.5 gallons
    Medium (12-15”) 2 gallons
    Med – Lrg (15-19”) 2.5 gallons
    Large (20+”) 3 gallons

    ✝ Compatibility: perform a standard jar test to check compatibility with other products before mixing.