BioPro Technologies

Superior Results Through Science

Specially formulated for greencare professionals.

An advanced line of liquid nutrients, micronutrients, soil enhancements, biostimulants, seaweed supplements, soil water management and pond clarification products specially formulated for greencare professionals.

An early leader in liquid fertilization solutions

BioPro Technologies originated as an early leader in liquid fertilization solutions. Today, that legacy of agronomic excellence has expanded and evolved into a complete line of superior quality, yet affordable products.

  • A robust offering of foliar and soil applied solutions address both soil health and nutritional deficiencies. 
  • Chelated nutrients and slow-release nitrogen are included to increase availability and uptake. 
  • Individual nutrient solutions and combination products provide flexibility for any agronomic program or budget.

NPK Blends


Soil Enhancement

BioStimulants and Seaweed Supplements

Combination Products

Pond and Lake Products

A Legacy of Agronomic Excellence

In 1994, The Toro® Company developed the original BioPro® product line as a collection of specialty, liquid organic-based nutrients that offered superior performance at a lower cost.

Over the years, the BioPro line has changed hands, grown, and evolved, but it has always remained true to its roots as a superior quality, affordable, organic-based line of plant management products.

Custom Blends

Beyond our current product line, BioPro Technologies offers custom blending options as well as consulting services.