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We’ve partnered with Lawn Doctor to provide unique products for your Hydra Guard, Soil Enrichment, and Tree & Shrub Care Services. Learn more about the products and programs below or contact us directly with questions.

Hydra Guard

Proper hydration is important to any good plant management program. Lawn Doctor’s Hydra Guard Service uses the power of Hydretain to keep lawns and landscapes hydrated with less water!

Powered by Hydretain®

Acting like tiny water magnets, Hydretain attracts and condenses soil moisture vapor to create plant useable water droplets within the root zone. Providing plant roots with moisture for longer periods between watering or rainfall, Hydra Guard Services provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce water use and water bills
  • Survive periods of drought and watering restrictions
  • Increase nutrient uptake and efficiency
  • Enhance the overall color and quality of customer’s landscapes

Download the Hydra Guard Manual

Earn Rewards For Purchases & Promotions

As a valued Hydretain applicator, we’d like to invite you to join the Hydretain Advantage Program where you can earn rewards from product purchases, education, marketing and social promotions. In addition to earning rewards the program also offers the following benefits:

  • Free Marketing Materials
  • Webinars and Personalized Training Opportunities
  • Online Directory Listing
  • Access to a Digital Library of Logos and Photo Resources

Soil Enrichment

With CytoGro®

Healthy Roots for Healthy Turf & Landscapes

CytoGro is a seaweed derived biostimulant that supplements the plants natural rooting hormones. Used as part of your Soil Enrichment Program, CytoGro will maximize  root development, increase lateral growth, and improve stress tolerance.

  • Increase root mass
  • Speed grow-in and recovery
  • Fill in thin areas of turf
  • Improve plant and sod establishment
  • Increase tolerance to plant stressors such as heat, drought, frost & salt 
Arbor Rx products sitting in the back of a truck with a soil injector probe

Tree & Shrub Care

Using Arbor Rx®

In urban environments trees can become stressed due to poor soils, insufficient moisture, lack of nutrient availability and harsh growing conditions. 

Arbor Rx is a prescriptive fertilization & soil enhancement program designed to maximize tree and shrub health by combining plant nutrition with products to enhance soil quality, stimulate root growth and improve water availability.

  • Liquid Solutions Do Not Require Mechanical Agitation
  • Tank Compatible for Easy Combination Applications

A Winning Combination

With our products and Lawn Doctor’s programs your lawns will be the envy of the neighborhood.

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Gain new business
  • Reduce labor from callbacks and replacements

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