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Go PRO with Hydretain. The professionals choice for moisture management

Hydretain is used by leading turf, landscape and agriculture professionals worldwide

From propagation to installation and maintenance, Hydretain is a leading soil moisture management technology used by municipalities, golf courses, nurseries, sod farms, top landscapers and more. 

Rain or shine, Hydretain is ALWAYS working

The Professional choice for over 25 years!

Hydretain is a leading soil moisture management technology used across the globe to reduce drought stress and effectively lower watering requirements. No matter how big or small your operation, start using Hydretain and see the results yourself.

Putting Hydretain to work for you

Hydretain is applied on leading golf courses, sports fields, landscapes and farms all over the world. Put Hydretain to work for you and see the benefits.

Fast & effective

Take control of your watering needs

No matter what your watering challenges are – cost, time, labor, availability, etc – Hydretain helps you do more with less. And with no re-entry time, Hydretain is safe around children, pets, wildlife and ground water making it an excellent choice for your industry.

Easy to set up

Use as a spray treatment

Or easy-to-spread granular

Reduce your irrigation needs and watering costs

We have sizes for every application needs

Hydretain is a revolutionary chemistry designed to reduce the watering requirements of plants and turf. A blend of hygroscopic and humectant compounds, Hydretain attracts and holds free water molecules from the air within the soil to create microscopic droplets that plants can use. This simple mechanism will result in healthy, vigorous and drought resistant landscapes.

• Maximize crop yields where water is limited

• Eliminate dry areas & improve moisture uniformity

• Faster germination and seeding development

• Improve transplant establishment

• Delays wilt and speeds recovery

• Helps plants withstand biotic & abiotic stresses

• Minimize dependence on poor quality water

• Enhances nutrient uptake

H2O Tech!

The Hydretain Difference

Hydretain is the only water management technology that helps plants use moisture vapor that would otherwise be lost to evaporation.

How can we help your business?

Our experienced staff and agronomic team can assist you in many ways. If you want to start using Hydretain for your business please give us a call.

"Pro Talk" From the Field

"Truly a remarkable product"

“As with most new products, I was skeptical of Hydretain's efficacy at first. However, after applying this product to an initial 3 acres of ”golf course turf during last summer's severe drought and heat, I saw results in less that a week. The previously drought stressed, brown grass at the sites of my initial application was green and vigorous within one week of application of Hydretain.
R. Cope

"Wow, what a difference!"

“We used the Hydretain product early this fall on a lawn that needed aerfication and overseeding after the summer drought. We treated all the areas that were thin with Hydretain except one area in the backyard so we could see the difference without the product. Wow, what a difference! This goes on every job that we seed from now on."
D. Tronge
Greensman, Inc.