Biostimulants & Seaweed Supplements

FungiShield® SPF5+

More Roots...Less Stress!

  • Guaranteed Analysis

    Cytokinins, as kinetin…………..50 ppm
    (based on bioassay)

  • Benefits

    • Promotes deeper, denser root systems
    • Enhances lateral growth
    • Speeds recovery and grow-in
    • Increases stress tolerance
    • Increases transplant survival
    • Maximizes nutrient uptake
    • Improves salinity tolerance
    • Minimizes frost damage
    • Delays turf senescence
    • Compatible with growth regulators
    • Effective for all turf and landscape plants
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  • Sizes & Item Numbers

    • 32 oz Quart – #57315
    • 1 Gallon Jug – #57310
    • 2.5 Gallon Jug – #57311
    • 30 Gallon Drum – #57312

Where to use

  • icon Long Description

    CytoGro® is an EPA registered (90022-1) hormone biostimulant derived from high quality Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extracts. It provides cytokinins and auxins to stimulate root growth; encourage tiller, rhizome and stolon production; increase plant vigor; and improve stress tolerance. Cytokin content is guaranteed at 50 ppm, providing consistent performance with each application. By amplifying root mass, it also aids in the uptake of water and nutrients, saving both time and money.

    CytoGro is formulated with hormone cofactors, such as amino acids, vitamins, proteins, carboxylic acids, mannates, and sea minerals, which amplify product performance and allow it to be extremely effective at low application rates. It is also formulated to contain very low levels of gibberellic acid, making it compatible with gibberellic acid-blocking plant growth regulators (PGRs). CytoGro is effective for all fine turf, lawns, trees, shrubs, landscape ornamentals and flowering plants.

    EPA Registration # 90022-1

  • icon Problems Addressed

    • Shallow or poorly developed root systems
    • Weak or thin areas of turf
    • Wear in high traffic areas
    • Damage from heat, drought, insects or temperature extremes
    • Harsh winter conditions
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  • icon Application Instructions

    CytoGro can be applied through fertigation or conventional spray. It may be applied alone or tank mixed with other products✝.

    Initial Application: Apply 0.8 oz. of CytoGro per 1,000 sq. ft. (2 pints per acre).
    Monthly Application: Following the initial application apply 0.4 oz. of CytoGro per 1,000 sq. ft. (1 pint per acre). To maximize performance, maintenance rates may be split in weekly or bi-weekly applications.

    Note: CytoGro is best applied as a foliar spray in the late afternoon or early morning, providing maximum absorption before the leaves dry. For additional root growth and green-up from CytoGro, tank mix with iron sulfate or chelated iron.

    Transplanting Trees, Shrubs and Ornamentals: Add 1 fl. oz. of CytoGro per 3 gallons of transplant solution.

    Tree, Shrubs & Ornamental Maintenance: To improve flowering and stress tolerance of bedding plants; to speed up the correction of nutritional deficiencies, such as iron chlorosis; and to enhance nutrient uptake in root feeding of trees and shrubs. Mix 1 fl. oz. of CytoGro per 3 gallons of water and apply through fertigation, soil drench, foliar spray or root injection. Apply every 2 to 4 weeks or as needed.

    Nursery & Greenhouse: To promote bud differentiation, cell division, root induction and growth and to reduce apical dominance, use CytoGro in your watering program or as a foliar spray, with plant nutrients.

    Propagation of Cuttings: Dip cuttings in appropriate commercial hormone powder or rooting solution (such as Rootone or Hormex) and stick in the rooting medium. Spray or mist cuttings with a solution of 1 fl. oz. CytoGro to 3 gallons water (1 quart/100 gallons) at weekly to 2 week interval until root buds initiate. Then spray at 2 to 4 week intervals.

    Transplanting: Add 1 fl. oz. CytoGro per 3 gallons of transplant solution (fertilizer-water). Drench the root zone. Follow with spray to foliage or add through irritation system at 2 to 4 week intervals at the rate of 1 quart per 100 gallons.

    Production: To increase growth rate, improve quality and resilience of nursery and greenhouse crops, add 1 fl. oz. CytoGro per 3 gallons (1 quart/100 gallons) of fertilizer or water solution and apply through the irrigation system or via foliar spray.

    Nutritional Deficiencies: To promote rapid uptake and correction of nutrient deficiencies in ornamentals and turf, add CytoGro to Iron, nitrogen phosphate or potash fertilizers, zinc or other nutrient solutions at the rate of 1 fl. oz. per 3 gallons (1 quart/100 gallons). Apply as a foliar spray or soil drench.

    See label for complete application instructions.

    ✝ Compatibility: perform a standard jar test to check compatibility with other products before mixing.

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