Calcium Plus™ (8-0-0)

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Calcium Plus is an economical source of calcium and nitrate nitrogen readily available for plant utilization. It is used to correct calcium deficiencies in ornamental plants, turfgrasses, trees, and vegetable…

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Spectrum™ (8-0-0)

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Spectrum is a blend of Fe, Mg, Mn, and S, chelated with citric acid to extend nutrient availability. It also contains SeaXtra® seaweed extracts and is ideal for improving color.

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Silica™ (0-0-2)

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Silica is a formulation of silicon derived from potassium silicate. It is designed as a foliar application to help increase wear tolerance and leaf blade rigidity for a more consistent…

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NutriSolve is a foliar micronutrient blend of boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc designed to correct or prevent a wide range of micronutrient deficiencies without additional nitrogen.

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Iron Plus™ (15-0-0)

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Iron Plus is designed for foliar application to correct or prevent iron deficiencies in turfgrasses, trees, shrubs, and woody ornamentals. It contains SeaXtra seaweed extracts and citric acid chelation to…

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